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2008-07-26 20:28:02 by JealousInquiry

I think I'm doing good with the flash thing, my first one submitted seems to have taken a good start.

Though, with the current reviews, (july/26/08 8:24 PM) I'm really starting to reflect on how it could both improve and how my mind really saw it. Ya see, I have an unbearable imagination D: The things I saw when creating this where like a movie, but when I tried getting it in the flash, it just... slopped out. Plus I was getting really tense trying to fit it all in D: So I had to take alot off, which I think really made it... Mm... better for the watcher.

I've already started on gem, so far it's just a crystal in darkness that's absorbing something, but that's about all I can really say... Plus, I have no idea how to get a middle and end to it D: Let alone what it's about.


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2008-07-26 20:30:41

darknessdweller wuz here.


2008-07-26 21:27:19

"my first one submitted seems to have taken a good start."

Hell no. I tried to blam that shit.

JealousInquiry responds:

You have your opinion and I have mine, m'kay?